Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Stop

Short video by Tony Kapel

What Now What Next

Book by Miami filmmaker, artist, and writer Tony Kapel just released this week!
I am reading it now. It is mostly a bunch of short adventurous stories in random order taken from the young Kendall and present life of Jason (who is really Tony). The author claims that some are true and others are not, but I'd like to imagine that they all really happened for the spiciness of it. The layout is scattered and fits the excitement of what's being said - typos and all. There are also some artwork images by Mr. Kapel scattered throughout.

Available at Sweat Records and online at Lulu

Dog Bite

I was about to put another video but I can't help myself and you must see this dog's owner.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rainbow Dance

This is one of my favorite experimental animations on film by the New Zealander Len Lye. He's known for his scratched-out-emulsion films but in this one he has a dancer in it that became colors as shapes and more colors were added all around. It was done in 1936 which makes it all that much more impressive than it already is to me.